Acura Auto Part Categories

acura-auto-parts Find all the different types of acura auto parts here; that's over 500 parts! AutoPartEx, has the most up-to-date and accurate auto part listing on the Internet. Acura's are considered to be a luxury type of vehicle and mostly considered an import. Buying acura auto parts from dealerships or even vendors like Auto Zone, Advanced Auto Parts, and many others can be be expensive and possible not the oem acura auto part that was made for your car. So if you havee an older Acura Integra and searching for an alternator, a radio, a wheel, maybe even a mirror; you are going to pay much less from our dealers listed below. Save a bundle and get an original part! If you cannot find the part here, then feel free to contact us and see if we can locate the acura auto part for your application!

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Acura A Pillar Acura AC Compressor Acura AC Compressor Clutch Only
Acura AC Condenser Acura AC Control Computer Acura AC Evaporator
Acura AC Evaporator Housing only Acura AC Heater Control Acura A/C Hose
Acura Accelerator Parts Acura Adaptive Cruise Projector Acura Air Bag
Acura Air Bag Acura Air Bag Clockspring Acura Air Bg Ctrl Module
Acura Air Box/Air Cleaner Acura Air Cond./Heater Vents Acura Air Flow Meter
Acura Air Pump Acura Air Ride Compressor Acura Air Shutter
Acura Air Tube/Resonator Acura Alternator Acura Amplifier/Radio
Acura Antenna Acura Anti-Lock Brake Computer Acura Anti-Lock Brake Pump
Acura Armrest Acura Antenna Acura Anti-Lock Brake Computer
Acura Anti-Lock Brake Pump Acura Armrest Acura Ash Tray/Lighter
Acura Audiovisual Acura Automatic Headlight Dimmer Acura Auto. Trans. Cooler
Acura Axle Actuator (4WD) Acura Axle Assy Fr (4WD w. Housing) Acura Axle Assy Rear (w. Housing)
Acura Axle Beam Front (2WD IBeam Susp) Acura Axle Beam Rear (FWD) Acura Axle Flange
Acura Axle Housing Only Acura Axle Shaft Acura Back Door (above rear bumper)
Acura Back Door Glass Acura Back Door Handle, Inside Acura Back Door Handle, Outside
Acura Back Door Hinge Acura Back Door Moulding Acura Back Door Trim Panel
Acura Back Glass Acura Back Glass Regulator Acura Backing Plate, Front
Acura Backing Plate, Rear Acura Backup Camera Acura Backup Light
Acura Battery Acura Battery Tray Acura Bed, Pickup
Acura Bed Floor (Pickup) Acura Bed Front Panel (Pickup) Acura Bed Liner
Acura Bed Side, Pickup Acura Bell Housing Acura Belt Tensioner
Acura Blind Spot Camera Acura Blower Motor Acura Brake Parts
Acura Brake/Clutch Pedal Acura Brake Booster Acura Brake Proportioning Valve
Acura Brake Rotor/Drum, Front Acura Brake Rotor/Drum, Rear Acura Brake Shoes/Pads
Acura Bumper Assembly (Front) Acura Bumper Assembly (Rear) Acura Bumper Cover (Front)
Acura Bumper Cover (Rear) Acura Bumper End Cap Acura Bumper Energy Absorber (Front)
Acura Bumper Energy Absorber (Rear) Acura Bumper Face Bar (Front) Acura Bumper Face Bar (Rear)
Acura Bumper Filler Panel Acura Bumper Guard (Front) Acura Bumper Guard (Rear)
Acura Bumper Reinforcement (Front) Acura Bumper Guard (Rear) Acura Bumper Reinforcement (Front)
Acura Bumper Reinforcement (Rear) Acura Bumper Shock Acura Bumper Shock
Acura Cab Acura Cab Clip, no cowl Acura Cabin Fuse Box
Acura Caliper Acura Camera Projector Acura Camshaft
Acura Camshaft Housing Acura Carburetor (see also Throttle Body) Acura Cargo Cover/Shade
Acura Carpet Acura Carrier (see also Differential) Acura Carrier Case
Acura CD Player/Radio Acura Center Cap (Wheel) Acura Center Pillar
Acura Chassis Control Computer (not Engine) Acura Clock Acura Clockspring (Air Bag)
Acura Clutch Cable Acura Clutch Disc Acura Clutch Master Cylinder
Acura Coil/Air Spring Acura Coil/Igniter Acura Column Switch
Acura Computer Box Engine Acura Computer Box Not Engine Acura Condenser
Acura Condenser/Radiator m td. Cooling Fan Acura Connecting Rod, Engine Acura Console, Front
Acura Console, Rear Acura Control Arm, Front Lower Acura Control Arm, Front Upper
Acura Control Arm, Rear Lower Acura Control Arm, Rear Upper Acura Convertible Top Boot
Acura Convertible Top Lift Acura Convertible Top Motor Acura Coolant Pump
Acura Cooling Fan (Rad and Con mtd.) Acura Core (Radiator) SupportAcura Cowl
Acura Cowl Vent Panel Acura Crank Pulley (Harmonic Balancer) Acura Crankshaft
Acura Cruise Control Computer Acura Cruise Control Servo/Regulator Acura Cruise Speed Controler
Acura Cylinder Head (Engine) Acura Dash/Interior/Seat Switch Acura Dash Bezel
Acura Dash Pad Acura Dash Panel Acura Dash Wiring Harness/Misc Electric
Acura Deck Lid Acura Differential Assembly (see also Carrier) Acura Differential Case Only
Acura Differential Flange Only Acura Distributor
Acura Door Back (door above rear bumper) Acura Door Front Acura Door Handle, Inside
Acura Door Handle, Outside Acura Door Rear (side of vehicle) Acura Door Window Crank Handle
Acura Drag Link Acura Drive-By-Wire Acura Drive Shaft, Front
Acura Drive Shaft, Rear Acura EGR Valve Acura Electric Door Motor (not Window)
Acura Electric Window Motor Acura Electrical Part Misc and Wiring Acura Emblem
Acura Emergency Brake Acura Engine Acura Engine Block
Acura Engine Computer Acura Engine Core Acura Engine Cover
Acura Engine Cradle Acura Engine Cylinder Head Acura Engine Fuse Box
Acura Engine Mounts Acura Engine Oil Pan Acura Exhaust Assembly
Acura Exhaust Cross Pipe Acura Exhaust Fluid Pump Acura Exhaust Fluid Tank
Acura Exhaust Heat Shield Acura Exhaust Lead Pipe Acura Exhaust Manifold
Acura Exhaust Muffler Acura Exhaust Pipe Acura Exhaust Resonator
Acura Exhaust Tail Pipe Acura Fan Blade Acura Fan Clutch
Acura Fender Acura Fender Extension/Flare Acura Fender Inner Liner
Acura Fender Inner Panel Acura Fender Core Panel Acura Fender Outer Panel
Acura Fender Moulding Acura Fender Skirt Acura Flex Plate
Acura Floor Mats Acura Floor Pan Acura Floor Shift Assembly
Acura Flywheel Acura Fog Lamp Acura Frame
Acura Frame Front Section Only Acura Frame Horn Acura Frame Upper & Lower Rails
Acura Front Axle Assm (4WD w Housing) Acura Front Axle Beam (2WD, IBeam Susp) Acura Front Axle Shaft
Acura Front Bumper Assembly (includes cover) Acura Front Bumper Cover Acura Front Bumper Face Bar
Acura Front Bumper Guard Acura Front Bumper Reinforcement Acura Front Console
Acura Front Door Acura Front Door Glass Acura Front Door Handle, Inside
Acura Front Door Handle, Outside Acura Front Door Hinge Acura Front Door Mirror
Acura Front Door Moulding Acura Front Door Regulator Acura Front Door Switch
Acura Front Door Trim Panel Acura Front Door Vent Glass Acura Front Door Vent Glass Regulator
Acura Front Door Window Motor Acura Front Drive Shaft Acura Front End Assembly (Nose)
Acura Front Seat Belt Assembly Acura Front Valance Acura Front Window Regulator
Acura Fuel Cap Acura Fuel Cell Acura Fuel Distributor (& Misc. Injection)
Acura Fuel Filler Door Acura Fuel Filler Neck Acura Fuel Gauge
Acura Fuel Injector (& Misc. Injection) Acura Fuel Injector Pump Acura Fuel Line
Acura Fuel Pump Acura Fuel Rail (& Misc. Injection) Acura Fuel Tank
Acura Fuel Tank Sending Unit Acura Fuse Box (Cabin) Acura Fuse Box (Engine)
Acura Gas Cap Acura Gas Tank Acura Gate Interior Trim Panel
Acura Gate Window Regulator Acura Gate/Lid Acura Gauge (Misc)
Acura Generator Acura Glass, Back Acura Glass, Front Door
Acura Glass, Front Vent Acura Glass, Quarter Window Acura Glass, Rear Door
Acura Glass, Rear Vent Acura Glass, Special (see also Sunroof) Acura Glass, Windshield
Acura Glove Box Acura GPS Screen Acura Grille
Acura Harmonic Balancer (Crank Pulley) Acura Hatch/Trunk Lid Acura Head (Cylinder)
Acura Header Panel Acura Headlamp Ballast Acura Headlamp Bulb
Acura Headlight Assembly Acura Headlight Door Acura Headlight Motor
Acura Headlight Switch (Dash) Acura Headlight Switch Acura Headlight Washer Motor Only
Acura Headlight Wiper Motor Only Acura Headliner Acura Headrest
Acura Heads Up Display Acura Heater Assy Acura Heater Core
Acura Heater Motor Acura Heater/AC Control Acura Hood
Acura Hood Hinge Acura Hood Latch Acura Hood Ornament
Acura Hood Scoop Acura Hood Shock Acura Horn
Acura Hub Acura Hub Cap/Wheel Cover Acura Hub Cap/Wheel Cover
Acura Hub, Lockout (4WD) Acura Hybrid Converter/Inverter Acura Idler Arm
Acura Ignition Module (see also Ignitor/Coil) Acura Ignition Switch Acura Ignitor/Coil
Acura Info Screen Acura Inside Door Handle Acura Instrument Cluster
Acura Intake Manifold Acura Intercooler Acura Interior Complete
Acura Interior Light Acura Interior Trim Panel (Gate/Lid) Acura Interior Trim Panel (Quarter)
Acura Interior Trim Panel, Door (Back) Acura Interior Trim Panel, Door (Front) Acura Interior Trim Panel, Door (Rear)
Acura Inverter Cooler Acura Jack Assembly Acura Keys/Latches and Locks
Acura Key Remote/Fob Acura Knee Assembly (see also Strut Assy) Acura Latch, Front Door
Acura Latch, Rear Door Acura Trunk Latch Acura Latch Accessoriesr
Acura Latch, Back Door Acura Latches Acura Leaf Spring, Front
Acura Leaf Spring, Rear Acura License Lamp Acura Lid/Gate
Acura Lid Interior Trim Panel Acura Lock Actuator Acura Lockout Hub, 4X4
Acura Locks Acura Luggage Rack Acura Marker/Fog Light, Front
Acura Marker/Side Light, Rear Acura Master Cylinder Acura Mirror, Door
Acura Mirror, Rear View Acura Moulding (Back Door) Acura Moulding (Fender)
Acura Moulding (Front Door) Acura Moulding (Lid/Hatch/Gate) Acura Moulding (Quarter Panel/Bed Side)
Acura Moulding (Rear Door) Acura Moulding (Rocker) Acura Moulding (Windshield)
Acura Mouldings (Misc) Acura Night Vision Camera Acura Nose (Front End Assembly)
Acura Oil Cooler Acura Oil Filter Adapter Acura Oil Pan, Engine
Acura Oil Pan, Transmission Acura Oil Pump, Engine Acura Outside Door Handle
Acura Overdrive Unit (see also Transmission) Acura Owners Manual Acura Park/Fog Lamp Front
Acura Parcel Shelf Acura Park Lamp Rear (Side) Acura Parking Assist Camera
Acura Pickup Bed Acura Pickup Bed Floor Acura Pickup Bed Front Panel
Acura Pickup Bed Side Acura Pickup Cap/Camper Shell Acura Piston
Acura Pitman Arm Acura Power Brake Booster Acura Power Inverter (Hybrid)
Acura Power Steering Assy Acura Power Steering Control Valve Acura Power Steering Cooler
Acura Power Steering Motor Acura Power Steering Pressure Cyl Acura Power Steering Pressure Hose
Acura Power Steering Pump Acura Power Steering Rack/Box/ Gear Acura Power Steering Reservoir
Acura Pressure Plate Acura Quarter Interior Trim Panel Acura Quarter Moulding
Acura Quarter Panel Acura Quarter Panel Extension Acura Quarter Repair Panel
Acura Quarter Window Acura Quarter Window Motor Acura Quarter Window Regulator
Acura Rack & Pinion (Steering) Acura Radiator Acura Radiator/Condenser mtd. Cooling Fan
Acura Radiator Air Shutter Acura Radiator Core Support Acura Radiator Cover Baffle
Acura Radiator Fan Shroud Acura Radiator Overflow Bottle Acura Radio/CD
Acura Radius Arm, Front Acura Rag Joint (see also Steering Coupler) Acura Rear Axle Assy (RWD)
Acura Rear Axle Beam (FWD) Acura Rear Body Panel Acura Rear Bumper Assembly (includes cover)
Acura Rear Bumper Cover Acura Rear Bumper Face Bar Acura Rear Bumper Guard
Acura Rear Bumper Reinforcement/Misc Acura Rear Clip Acura Rear Console
Acura Rear Crossmember Acura Rear Door (side of vehicle) Acura Rear Door Handle, Inside
Acura Rear Door Handle, Outside Acura Rear Door Hinge Acura Rear Door Moulding
Acura Rear Door Regulator Acura Rear Door Switch Acura Rear Door Trim Panel
Acura Rear Door Vent Glass Acura Rear Door Vent Glass Regulator Acura Rear Door Window
Acura Rear Door Window Motor Acura Rear Door Window Regulator Acura Rear Drive Shaft
Acura Rear Finish Panel Acura Rear Gate/Lid Acura Rear Gate Window Motor
Acura Rear Knuckle/Stub Axle Acura Rear Lower Valance Acura Rear Seat Belt Assembly
Acura Rear Suspension Acura Rear Suspension Locating Arm Acura Rear Suspension Trailing Arm
Acura Rear Window Defogger Acura Rear Window Washer Motor Acura Relay (Misc)
Acura Ring and Pinion Only Acura Rocker Arm Acura Rocker Moulding
Acura Rocker Panel (see also Center Pillar) Acura Roll Bar Acura Roof
Acura Roof Panel (see also Sunroof) Acura Roof Rack Acura Running Boards
Acura Seat, Back (3rd) Acura Seat, Front Acura Seat, Rear (2nd)
Acura Seat Belt, Front Acura Seat Belt, Rear Acura Seat Belt Motor
Acura Seat Belt Track (Electric) Acura Seat Motor Acura Seat Switch
Acura Seat Track, Front Only Acura Sensor (Body, Misc) Acura Sensor (Chassis, Misc)
Acura Sensor (Drivetrain, Misc) Acura Shifter Assembly (Floor) Acura Shifter Linkage
Acura Shock Absorber Acura Slave Cylinder Acura Smog Pump
Acura Spare Tire Carrier Acura Speaker Acura Special Glass
Acura Speedometer (see also Instr. Cluster) Acura Spindle Acura Spoiler, Front
Acura Spoiler, Rear Acura Spring Hanger Acura Stabilizer Bar Only
Acura Starter Acura Steering Column Acura Steering Coupler
Acura Steering Knuckle (see also Knee) Acura Steering Pump Acura Steering Rack/Box/Gear
Acura Steering Wheel Acura Struts Acura Strut Tower Brace
Acura Sun Roof Acura Sun Roof Motor Acura Sunvisor
Acura Supercharger Acura Supercharger Core Acura Tachometer
Acura Tail Light Acura Tailgate/Trunk Lid Acura Tailgate Hinge
Acura Tailgate Lift Motor Acura Thermostat Housing Acura Third Brake Light
Acura Throttle Body/Throttle Valve Housing Acura Tie Rod Acura Timing Belt/Chain
Acura Timing Cover Acura Timing Gears Acura Tire
Acura Tonneau Cover Acura Torque Convertor Acura Torsion Bar
Acura Trailer Hitch/Tow Hook/Winch Acura Trans OD Unit Acura Transaxle Housing Only
Acura Transfer Case Acura Transfer Case Adapter Acura Transfer Case Core
Acura Transfer Case Electric Motor Acura Transfer Case Switch Acura Transmission
Acura Transmission Bellhousing Only Acura Transmission Computer Acura Transmission Core
Acura Transmission Crossmember Acura Transmission Front Pump Acura Transmission Mount
Acura Transmission Pan Acura Transmission Torque Converter Acura Trim Ring
Acura Trunk Lid Pull Down Motor Acura Trunk Lid/Hatch Acura Trunk Lid/Hatch Hinge
Acura Trunk Lid/Hatch Shock Acura Trunk Lid/Tailgate Moulding Acura TTop/Sunroof
Acura Turbo Core Acura Turbocharger Acura Turn Signal/Fog Lamp
Acura TV Screens Acura Uniside Acura Vacuum Pump
Acura Vacuum Storage Tank Acura Valance, Front Acura Valance, Rear
Acura Valve Cover Acura Vapor Canister Acura Voltage Regulator
Acura Water Pump Acura Water Separator Acura Wheel (display w image)
Acura Wheel (display w/o image) Acura Wheel Cover/Hubcap (display image) Acura Wheel Cover/Hubcap (display no logo)
Acura Window Motor Acura Window Regulator (Front) Acura Window Regulator (Rear)
Acura Window Shade Acura Window Switch (Front Door) Acura Window Switch (Rear Door)
Acura Window Washer Motor, Rear Acura Windshield Acura Windshield Frame
Acura Windshield Washer Motor (Front) Acura Windshield Washer Reservoir Acura Wiper Arm
Acura Wiper Linkage Acura Wiper Motor, Front (Windshield) Acura Wiper Motor, Rear
Acura Wiring Harness/Misc. Electric Acura Yoke/U-Joint