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Sell your new, used, recycled, oem, auto parts online with AutoPartsEx.Net. Being the world’s largest database of deep listings and perfect taxonomy, you can count on us to help you sell your auto parts and no matter your business goals, you’ll make money. Our goal when we started this website and now web application was to help the lone wolf, weekend mechanic warrior sell salvage auto parts from cars they worked on.

In many states all over the USA, South America, Europe, and other continents there are perfect auto parts just laying around. We help you reach certain economies of scale by enabling you to get extend reach for your auto parts and for a very reasonableprice. Checkout the different membership levels we offer. You can do more than just get a FREE Auto Part Listing, you can become a POWER Auto Part Lister and post your ads on our extended network.

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How To Make Money Selling Auto Parts With AutoPartEx

As Albert Einstein once said, “If you cannot explain your concepts in a simplistic manner, then your concepts are flawed!”, okay maybe that’s not the exact quote; however, we intend to show you how our marketplace and extended network can help you make money. AutoPartEx.Com, is more than a marketplace, it’s market “reach”. Marketing reach is one of the hardest barriers to overcome when you first start to think about opening any business.

Understanding The Importance of Marketing Reach

Entering the market place is easy, see it’s done, but the market place is full of chaos and many, many expenses. One of the biggest failures in most small businesses is lack of real marketing platform to “reach” their target customers consistently. Many small business owners, think they have enough clout after the first couple of months, only to learn that after they open most people forget about you. Whatever money you spent was and is going to need to be reproduced again! Marketing should be an “investment” and it becomes apparent after the first few quarters in business if you’ve established a marketing system or engine.

Danger In Not Having Marketing Investment Platform

Unless you scale your business properly and competently most bottom lines are lost to expenses and profit. What does not happen is a complete re-investment to continue marketing their goods and services. Again, as mentioned above, this can be due to incompetent management, lack of real marketing understanding, and by the time you start to balance your books you’ll see that there was not enough money distributed to low cost and continued marketing efforts. This can be a deadly discovery.

All Businesses Need to Have Marketing Platforms

Most small business owners end up just launching and relying on expensive, print, t.v. and or radio ads to get people to keep coming back. The problem with this is that you don’t get an residual returns as you have to keep reproducing this week-to-week or month-to-month. In some businesses this might be okay, but being one-dimensional like this is risky and expensive. Don’t think you can just save your way to reproducing the same marketing cost you had when you started. You can never have enough cash in savings, because it all gets eaten in inflation. Until you start investing you won’t be able to see those large profit margins or cash flow as anticipated without building or finding an undervalued marketing platform.

Get Better Marketing Reach, Sell Auto Parts Easily With AutoPartEx

What we are trying to get at is that by selling your auto parts locally, you’ll have to spend quite a bit of dollars to have limited marketing reach. It’s usually not easy to get in with t.v., radio, and or print ads. They require a lot of money and in the beginning, in your launch phase, those forms of marketing are not best suited. Not every business is the same, but again, the problem is it’s not the “best roi” for marketing. You’d be better off sponsoring an event or making several rounds of investment being in the community more to raise awareness about your products. Genius marketing will give you “real marketing reach” for very low cost. That’s what we do here AutoPartEx, we give you marketing reach without the huge upfront cost.

Hopefully you can start to see the concept here and why if you’re trying to sell auto parts that you can’t just rely on one element of marketing. In the end, you’ll need continued marketing reach at a low cost to help you evolve your business into more of an investment than a cash cow. There’s equity in investing with a small business than can have you making money, but really equity, wealth and POWER!

AutoPartEx Network Gives You IMMENSE POWER!


How Does AutoPartEx Network Help You Sell Auto Parts ?

As the image above will reflect, we’ve forged the key parameters that could take one years–years to do own their own. The Internet is a large place and the thrusting forces are search engines, social mediums, and email. With these three elements, you can’t believe for one second that you can take it all on in the very beginning.

Don’t Get Lured In by Cash Ran Business, You Need Equity

No matter what your background is, you can’t beat inflation, you can’t create long-term wealth, without equity! There are many expenses in running a business and however you got your first, second, third, and even fourth round of capital funding; theres a RISK! Being able to tackle Internet Marketing all on your own is very expensive today.

AutoPartEx Helps Split Marketing Risks, Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

AutoPartEx.Net has taken away some of that risk for you with our established and trusted mediums. The cost can be somewhere in $150K to $250K range if you include human labor capital; but it’s not that simple, there are pitfalls! Actually there are many routes and you can go down and ruin your website, capital budget very fast. As mentioned above, businesses should be able to produce immense value for their customers and at AutoPartEx, we’ve done that in time and effort.

AutoPartEx Can Help You Sell Auto Parts by Scaling Quickly

By listing your auto parts with us, we can help in scalability by placing your inventory on sites that are ranking with multiple search engines, and advertising in very deep niche networks. In return, sending you organic, high quality leads in the form of phone calls or emails. For the cost just $99.00 in our Gold Membership, you can start importing your csv flat files and start selling your auto parts on an array of highly targeted websites. Compared to launching a $15,000 effort in a website, beginner seo, crooked seo, you’ll be sorry that you did not give us a try first!